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Specialties · Bean flower tsukushi】 Beef steak, homemade bean flower dish etc. are mainly included in the bean flower of crab miso and shark fin

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Course menu

1, 4 kinds of appetizer

First of all, start with star of 4 kinds of ornate appetizers

2, crab shabu with crab miso bean flower

Enjoy rich crab miso and high-class ingredients shark fin, rich luxury matching technique of homemade bean flowers

3, Sichuan style sauce of beef steak

The compatibility of soft cow steak and Sichuan style sweet sauce is outstanding

4, scallop, stir-fry with seasonal vegetables

I freshly stir fresh seafood and seasonal vegetables

5, shark's fin soup with mushrooms

Luxurious soup that you can enjoy the shark's finish texture and mushroom flavor

6, Ebi chili sauce

I finished the shrimp of the prplple with a spicy and sweet chili sauce

7, Beijing duck

Luxury Chinese royal road! Wrapped meat baked in juicy on the crisp crust

8, homemade brown sugar mochi

Homemade of the store! Rice cake containing brown sugar is a must eat!

9, Mahbo Bean flower specialty!

Bean flower (Toufa), a traditional Chinese ingredient, is characterized by a throat which is softer than tofu and is a throat.

The compatibility of bean flower that feels deep flavor of beans in the back of sweetness, delicious spicy marbow is outstanding! Please take this opportunity to appreciate it

10, sesame dumplings

Nishi ri, hand making one item

11, fried rice seafood

Pour the bean paste with seafood such as crab meat on fried rice fried with paradise

12, bean flower dessert and cake

Great satisfaction with desserts and cakes using the famous bean flower on course

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